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SRDC was constituted on 1 January 1952 but its birth stretched way back to the 1940s. An earlier local council administering the then Sibau was known as the Dayak Local Authority under the Chairmanship of Penghulu Imai and its members were comprising of the Ibans local chief of Sibu. Thereafter it was placed under the administration of the British colonial officers embracing a new name of The Local Authority Sibu. Over the last 6 decades, SRDC has evolved from a small council into one of the leading district councils in Sarawak.

Today with a strength of 76 staffs, it oversee the administration of 2 districts, namely the Sibu and Selangau District covering an area of nearly 6,000 sq. km. Its current population is close to 60,000 which comprised of the Ibans and other bumiputera living in the rural area with the Chinese living in towns and other settlements along the mighty Rejang River. In 1997 the Council embarked on achieving the Municipal status by 2010.

This is a tremendous challenge for both the Councillors and staffs alike. Embarking on the status of Municipality means transforming these vast rural areas physically, economically and socially. This is by no means an easy task. However, with the close co-operation of all parties, the Public Sector (Government Departments and agencies), the Private Sector and community sector (the rakyat and the NGOs), I strongly and confidently believe that this dream through ambitious is not impossible to realize.

Nevertheless, merely close co-operation is sufficient. There must be a strong will and determination especially on the part of the rakyat to embrace changes. To transform the vast rural areas of Sibu, SRDC needs a strong pool of resources in terms of human, machineries and financial. Only then it can deliver a much, more effective an deficient service. Without a strong standing, this may not possible. As such, I appreciate the understanding, support and commitment by the general population and to accept whatever positive changes brought over by SRDC in its effort to bring development and upgrade the living standard of its people.

The publication of this profile, the second issue after its inaugural edition in 1997 is intended to provide inside information to the general public, students and learning institutions, NGOs, Government Departments other private sectors both in and outside the state of Sarawak. We do acknowledge that there are various shortcomings in this publication and do also accept the fact that the information provided are by no means comprehensive. However, anyone who wish to obtain further details can do so by contacting the management of this Council. This issue itself took more than 1 year to published.

This is mainly due to various constraints and some unavoidable circumstances. However, wish to record my greatest appreciation to all those involved, directly or indirectly, particularly the Honourable Minister and Assistant Minister, Ministry officials and our Advisors, Council's staffs, Mr. Clarence of Neudimension Kuching and of course not forgetting our generous sponsors. Changes and transformations require a lot of sacrifices and demand a tremendous deal of commitments from all parties, either forcefully or willingly.

There must be elements of give and take or a win-win situation where everybody can benefit from the changes. Without all these, changes can never take place beneficially. The Council can only plan out but it is the implementation part that requires the undivided support of all sectors which I have mentioned earlier. This is our main agenda for 2010, that is to bring development to all corners of SRDC a jurisdiction. Help us to help you and together we make this agenda into something that we can be proud of and enjoyed by generation to come.

Justani Haji Joni
Council Secretary
Sibu Rural District Council