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Perutusan Pengerusi
Vision 2020 will take the nation to the status of a Developed Country. In line with a Vision that we, as Malaysians share as a nation, SRDC is playing her role to the country with one Vision: Reaching Out Beyond Rural Development. With a steadfast Vision, every limb of SRDC will be fighting, carrying a mission: To Provide an Effective Local Authority Services to Rate Payers Within Our Jurisdiction by Year 2015. Of course, there will be challenges ahead such as limited government funding, limited manpower, encompassing public expectations and public accountability. Not only public are now more demanding of quality services, but they are now even more demanding of explanations and more persistent in demonstrating their dissatisfaction. In spite of these challenges, SRDC will continue to operate on a concept of prudent spending and to find ways to generate more revenue to sustain our Services to all rate payers of our jurisdiction. We will focus and strive towards a greater dimension of accountability and transparency. We will embark extensively in exploring other means to diversify and to expand our revenue and resources in order to operate in a cost-effective manner without being too dependent on government funds.

In hand with that, SRDC will continue to give emphasis on improving rural hygiene and cleanliness awareness to further improve the peoples' quality of life. SRDC is also in the verge of improving the community's literacy in rural areas with the introduction of rural libraries aiming to decrease illiterate community.

Bear in mind that our Vision can only be realize with wholehearted support from the community at large.

May God bless you all.

Sibu Rural District Council